Personality Men’s Black Volcanic Stone Bracelet


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Unique and stylish design.
Suitable for various occasions.
It is made of high quality materials,durable enough for your daily wearing.


Style: Vintage

Material: volcanic stone, flash stone, wood chip

Type: bracelet, bracelet
Style: men’s
Modeling: Geometry
Mosaic material: not inlaid
Color: Shining Stone + Black Stone, Volcanic Stone + 2 Shining Stones, Volcanic Stones + 1 Black Ston
Size: about 18.5-19.5cm
A: Shining Stone + Black Iron Stone
B: Volcanic stone + 2 amphibole
C: Volcanic stone + 1 black iron stone
D: `Volcanic stone + 2 green edge stones
E: Volcanic stone + 2 phoenix green gold
F: volcanic stone + 2 tiger’s eye stones
G: Volcanic stone + wooden beads


Package Content:
1x bracelet



Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm

F 2pcs, A set, A, A 3pcs, F 3pcs, C, C 3 pcs, D 3 pcs, F, I 3pcs, D, B 2pcs, A 2pc, C 2pcs, H 2pcs, D 2pcs, G 3pcs, H 4pcs, G 2pcs, H 3pcs, E 2pcs, E, B 3pcs, E 3pcs, G, B, H


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